Project Description

Solia Energy

Solia Energy is a renewable energy project developer that specializes in solar energy deployment. technological advancement and drive down prices, which will continue to make green energy projects more viable in the future.

Solia Energy was established in 2018. The company’s registered offices are in Wada Via Roma Mogadishu, Somalia. Solia Energy is a registered limited liability company registration 017162

Solia Energy only uses proven technologies from trusted suppliers and manufacturers and only hires respected contractors.

Solia Energy’s goal to bring green energy mainstream forces the company to operate at the forefront of the renewable energy sector. The company is constantly evaluating potential markets and new technologies and is establishing new business relationships within the sector as the renewable energy market continues to expand.

Solia Energy oversees every phase of the development process – including site selection, project development and design, installation, and ongoing maintenance..

Solia Energy operates with one singular mission: to make sure everyone can share in the benefits of clean and free sunshine. We fulfill this mission using a multi-pronged strategy by:

Delivering complete turnkey solar solutions for homeowners, businesses, schools, and nonprofits who want to reduce their monthly utility bills.

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Solia Energy