Project Description


Our company is established 2016. We have been preparing sins the establishment a comprehensive product combined with professional service through pilot and demonstration projects in Mogadishu. We are ready to welcome you as a client. ​
We aspire to be the primary independent renewable energy supplier in Somalia, the firm of choice for futuristic and innovative renewable energy projects in Somalia.
Tamarso  is specialized in building commercial scale solar energy systems in Somalia. Simultaneously, we provide assistance in finance and investment security of our systems by collaborating with customers and key service providers both local and international. We are an independent renewable energy company that is based in Mogadishu, Somalia. Our company is dedicated to facilitate and stimulate medium and large users of electricity in Somalia to use renewable energy as a primary source of energy. We provide holistic, high quality and secure energy solutions to commercial users such as hotels, large office buildings, universities, hospitals and industries in Somalia. We have the knowledge and the capacity to develop any scale of solar systems project in Somalia.
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